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Tad’s Record Inc. “The Ultimate Reggae Xperience” is a record production, publishing company based in Kingston Jamaica with main office located in Miami, Florida.

Tad’s Record has been in the music business for over thirty (30) years and boasts a catalog showcasing artistes such as Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, John Holt, Turbulence, Anthony B, Perfect and many more that cover the spectrum of Reggae/Dance Hall music.

The catalog comprises a variety of selections to include 45 vinyl (singles), solo artiste album, various artiste album and the Ultimate Reggae Xperience collection series featuring various artistes.

You can check out our catalog listing which features current and past releases



It was a wintry day in the late seventies when a young Jamaican migrant walked into Brads, the leading record outlet for Jamaican music in the Bronx looking for a job. His name was Tads Dawkins.

kingston officeHe would quickly become a top flight sales clerk in the record shop knowing the latest hits out of Jamaica and understanding how to source the golden oldies for his customers. From this vantage point Tads would meet and befriend many icons in the industry including King Tubbys, King Jammys, Sir Coxsone Dodd, Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Sugar Minott, Ranking Joe and Yellowman. Brads would eventually fold in the early 80’s and Michael Barnett, yes, he of Startime fame assumed responsibility for the assets of the famed record shop.

Barnett returned to Jamaica in 1984 and Dawkins took control of the business launching TADS Record Distributors. The business flourished and in a short time became a small chain of record shops with three outlets spanning Brooklyn and the Bronx. With business booming and connections growing, Tads decided to try his hand at production. He came to Jamaica and recorded “Top of the Pops” with the Blues Busters. The song became a big hit in the UK and caught the attention of RCA Records which offered Dawkins a record deal.

Tads would continue to produce top class acts including John Holt, Dennis Brown, Johnny Osborne and Tenor Saw churning out such hits as If this world were mine, Wildfire and Buddy Bye. But this was the 80’s and the harsh economic realities of the period would soon hit home. “I could not get paid” said Tads, “I had to give the distributors the records on credit and to pay to press the records in cash” he noted. By the early 90’s a very disappointed Tads Dawkins closed the doors to his record shops and called it a day. Well …..Almost.

TADS Music, the publishing company he had formed several years earlier could not fold as it handled the publishing of the acts he recorded and Dawkins also had an interest in signing new songwriting deals. However he decided that he would invest most of his time and the little money he had left in activities he considered a little less strenuous and ventured into the world of real estate. He also took time out to start a family while maintaining a keen interest in the music business, observing the happenings from a safe distance.

In 2000 things would change as MBJ, the operators of the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay offered him a contract to run an In-Bond record shop. He readily accepted. “The music has grown and the business has grown” Tads declares “It is now much more vibrant and it is now far easier to collect, so I am picking up where I left off”.

TAD has scores of unreleased material from the 80’s including works from Dennis Brown, Ranking Joe, Tenor Sawmontego bay store and Gregory Isaacs which he will eventually release. He is now however concentrating on the present, placing emphasis on his current stable of artiste which includes Teflon, Anthony B, Turbulence, Anthony Cruz and Perfect who all have album commitments to TADS Records. The popular Stookie rhythm which features QQ’s hit of the same name also bears the TADS seal.

“Owning a record shop gives me first hand knowledge of what is happening and who will sell,”… says Tads….. “So I know who and what to record,” he adds pointing out that managing artistes is not listed among his immediate objectives.

Featured in his short term plans however, is an online music store and a state of the art recording facility for Mobay. Tads believes in the talent of the second city and understand the value of owning a studio to the quality of his recorded products.

“I have mostly 18 hour days but I now have great help and support from Tads Jnr. who has learnt the business so fast it is unbelievable” beams the proud father.

Tads Jnr. is a certified audio engineer who has earned production credits before he could even speak. He is now the company’s no nonsense operations manager and co producer. With this combination of youth, energy, wisdom and experience TADS Records is not only a force to be reckoned with but seem here to stay this time around.