The Originals - Gregory Isaacs
The Originals - Gregory Isaacs


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1. Counterfeit Lover
2. Champion Bubbler
3. Next 45 Minutes
4. Storm
5. No Labba Mouth
6. Condemn
7. Freaky Patricia
8. Number One
9. Never Knew Love
10. I‘m Gonna Love You
11. Daughter Bow
12. My Heart Is Bleeding
13. Promise Land
14. Sunshine
15. While I was Away
16. Poor Not Broke
17. Saturday Night
18. Freedom Is A Must
19. Top Ten
20. Save Some Love
Catalog # TRCD 0260
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The Originals - Gregory Isaacs now available in stores and digital download

Gregory Isaacs began his career in the 70’s. Although he recorded songs for several producers he never made any big impact until he set up his own record shop with Errol Dunkley and had an instant hit with a song he penned called ‘My Only Lover’.

The 70’s were great years for this dynamic singer, whose grunts and groans fans have come to love and expect. His songs are a balm to women as he gives voice to their hurt and pain. He was also an inspiration to men as he voiced what they felt. Among his many popular recordings are ‘All I Have Is Love’, ‘Love Is Overdue’, ‘My Number One’, ‘Tune In’, ‘One man Against The World’, ‘Rumors’, and ‘Big All Around’, (done in combination with Dennis Brown).

This latest offering from Gregory Isaacs is ‘The Originals’ from Tad’s Record. These songs are all originals recorded in the 90’s for Tad’s. If you call yourself a true music connoisseur, then your collection would be incomplete without ‘The Originals.’

Written By: Cecelia Campbell

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